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DJ LUBI Review on "Oye" 2015


"Manteca, is one of London's best exponents of NuYorican-style bugaloo".John Lewis.



Fantastic feelgood album containing all things Latin, boogaloo, funk and soul. Whichever piece you choose will have you dancing and shaking in the aisles, so just put the Cd on and groove. My personal faves are the opener De Todo, with its hook and added bit of funk. Muchacha with its rougher jazzier edginess. And the title track Tremendo Boogaloo, because that is exactly what it is. Great Stuff.


MANTECA Latin Vibe
MANTECA spread their wings right across the nu-latino diaspora: boogaloo, latin funk, cumbia hip hop, descarga-house - you name it. Let's put it thus: if I were ever to get married again (don't hold your collective breaths....) this would be the reception band.
They packed the place not only with the 'regular' LV dancers, but also with peeps whose tastes veer more to the moderno. Funny thing was, these two usually-mutually-exclusive posses seemed to be actually ENJOYING EACH OTHER'S COMPANY! Takes a damn good band to achieve that effect. But that's Manteca for you. Like all the bands who grace us with their presence, we're more than happy to provide y'all with the necessary contact details for MANTECA - these things are too good to keep to oneself. Just E us at the website and we'll drop the necessary science. Review by DJ John Armstrong.


"Ripping new live funky Salsa affair from the finest Latin musicians of London, guaranteed to induce all manner of heel-stamping and handclapping among the throng. Throw in an “Olé” if you’re that way inclined, some twat usually does.


Manteca : tremendo boogaloo / pa'lante (Freestyle) Problems getting the ladies on the dancefloor? Trust me - what you need is need a strong dose of PURE LATIN SOUL! A shot of hard latin is sure to spice up any party and this record does the job - two sides of south-of-the-border boogaloo for the ultimate git down!


Manteca : tremendo boogaloo / pa'lante (Freestyle) Top latin dancefloor action from the Freestyle label on limited seven inch. The last Freestyle seven vanished after a couple of days, so hanging about would not be recommended! Two killer dancefloor latin jazz tracks on here that would get even the most stubborn wallflower shaking their hips like they were leading the Rio carnival.

Manteca : tremendo boogaloo / pa'lante (Freestyle) Amazing Nu-Latino 7", sounds like your old JOE BATAAN, WILLIE BOBO Records!

Manteca : tremendo boogaloo / pa'lante (Freestyle) Two straight up latin cuts here as freestyle continue their seven inch assault: tremendo boogaloo is a slinky samba that doubles up on percusion midway through to light up the dancefloor with robust horns and honky tonk piano joined by chanted vocals, on the flip "pa'lante" is a frenetic piano lead bossa.